Monday, April 28, 2008


How many times have you let your boyfriend dictate which movie you'll watch or allowed him to decided which restaurant you'll go to for dinner? If you always put others' needs ahead of your own, the message you're giving to them and yourself is, "My needs don't matter".

By choosing to sometimes prioritize what you want, others around you will begin to learn some self-reliance. Then you won't feel guilty about resenting the things you do for them because they will be actions of love and choice, not obligation.

Hire a maid or delegate jobs to you kids and your partner. Have toasted sandwiches or take-away every Friday night. Leave the kids with your husband and go away on a holiday with a girlfriend for the weekend.

Learn to say NO. Set the alarm for half-an-hour earlier and enjoy a good soak before you have to start getting ready for work. Buy an answering machine and when you're busy, screen your calls.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seek sexual fulfilment

Sex is an enjoyable way to improve your self-esteem. Simply having a partner consider your needs important can remind you what a worthwhile, special, lovable person you are. But if you don't have much confidence, you'll probably find it difficult to ensure your sexual needs are being met.

Take a sensual trip around your own body. Start with a place that feels attractive, such as your neck or your arms. Close your eyes an touch it, noticing the differences between muscle, bone and fat. Try various movements, scratch, tickle. Concentrate on letting go of criticism and allow your body to give and receive affection."

Schedule love-making into your life, just like you would an important meeting. Tell your partner what feels good. A non-confrontational way to suggest a change in the routine is to provided your partner an alternative, such as "Instead of kissing my neck I'd like you to whisper loving words."
Ask your partner to bring yo to orgasm if he climaxes before you do.

Monday, April 14, 2008

10 Reasons Why Is SEX SO Important To MEN?

Why were people not surprised when sex experts Masters and Johnson concluded (through their extensive research) that sex is an important element in a man's life.

1. For most men, sex gives them the ability to dominate their woman, to bring out the animalistic instinct in them
2. Men are in constant search of feminine affection and only sex can offer this.
3. Sex is the greatest equalizer to reaffirm a man's soft side and for this reason alone, most men cannot and will not do without sex.
4. It's extremely natural urge. It's a necessity to survive.
5. From a physical point of view, the rush that comes with an orgasm is incomparable. It's like sex to drugs. Once you've had it, it's very difficult not to want more.
6. It's a way of expressing their love to their partner. (But it does not include those who partake in wham-bang-thank you, ma'am sessions.
7. Is an essential stress buster. It's the best relaxant on earth.
8. It helps boost their ego.
9. Sex is one outlet for men to get their way. Men are basically very selfish beings and nine out of 10 men will want and get their way in bed.
10. Basically, its an instrument of power and virility and any man will hold on to that for dear life.
Do you agree??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kiss in Style

Sexy French Kissing - Part your lips a little more than you would when administering a light peck. Let the tips of your tongues meet. Circle each other's tips slowly and gently. Do not jam your tongue too deeply or forcefully into your partner's mouth.

Suck Kissing - This is a very seductive type of kiss. While your partner's lips are parted, suck on his top or bottom lip with you own, just for a second or two. Now alternate with different types of kisses.

Nip Kissing - Proceed with caution. While suck kissing, gently bite his lip (keyword here is gently) so as not to hurt your partner. This kiss should only be done with someone whom you've kissed a few times before. It's a tad edgy for new partners.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Variety is the spice of life!

People want what they don't already have. Don't take it as a weakness. It's actually a fact of life and a trait inherent in every man, woman and child. Honestly, have you heard of anyone eating just long beans all day, everyday for the rest of their lives? Such an act is unthinkable because humans thrive on variety. Likewise, while making a conscious decisions to be faithful to one partner is a noble idea, it also goes against the core of human nature. So what to do? Keep changing, not partners but styles, positions, toys an props.

A friend kept a pair of handcuffs handy, another suffered in G-strings because it turned her hubby on. Be doctor and nurse one day, stripper and audience the next. Talk about things that turn both of you on as a precursor tot he real thing. After all, the brain is tech largest sex stimulant. Don't be shy. what you do behind closed doors is for the two of you alone. if you guys don't tell, no one else is going to know.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kiss Up!

The best type of kiss is one that develops. it starts as a small kiss, gets worked into a French kiss, with sucking action being applied to the kisser's partner's upper or lower lip. The kiss then migrates to the cheeks, chin and eyelids. A kiss can be both seductive and romantic.

Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on a date and have a mint on hand to take right after your meal. Run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss. Don't wear lip gloss or too much lipstick unless you want your partner to wear it too after the kiss (try a long-lasting lipstick instead).

Stand close to your partner. As the two of you move closer together, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction from where your partner's head is tilting. Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. A peck or kissing with your lips closed. This type of kiss is reserved for letting your partner know this is as far as your intimacy goes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Keep your passion alive - part 3

Turn off the TV - You may see your loved one everyday but that doesn't mean you know hi, Take time everyday to talk, really talk. Not just smatterings of conversation like "pass the sugar", and "the curry's good", but discuss things that interest both of you. Talk about work, relatives, the kids, hopes and dreams. Talking builds intimacy after all you only talk to people you like. To get him talking, turn off the TV and radio and ban storybooks and newspapers from the dinning table. No one likes long drawn out silences. Trust me, he'll talk with some encouragement from you.

Make an effort - Remember how giddy headed he used to make you feel when he called you six times a day and sent you love notes? Now, many years on, you're wondering where did all that romance go? Everyone wants the easy life and men are no exception. Once handsome knight won the hand of fairlady, his job was done and he decided to hand up his armor. Your duty will be to make sure that armor doesn't get too rusty. Drop a handy hint or two when you feel neglected. Take a good look at yourself as well. Are you getting too busy for him? Are you still doing the things he loves? If you've neglected giving him a massage for years, now's the time to redeem yourself. For all you know, once you start trying he'll get into the mood of things and start spoiling you too!

Whenever you do, don't hem him in and make a demand. Men don't like feeling like the carpet's gong out from under their feet. Instead, gently point him in the right direction. Make it seem as though it's his idea. And when he finally gets you that platinum bracelet you've being hinting at for so long". Instead, thank him effusively. Reward him with an extra passionate lovemaking session. Next, he'll be wondering,"why didn't I do this sooner?"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Choosing fashion careers

California is the place where fashion trendsetters are born and bred. Why? Because Hollywood is in California. Not only that, Beverly Hills, the fashion center for the Hollywood stars is where all the fashions most famous brands are displayed and get snapped up. It would make sense to locate the fashion schools in California as there will be many aspiring students who will want to start their careers in an industry that is close to the center of fashion. Choosing a fashion school in California may not be that simple as there are many fashion schools around including some very famous fashion schools in los angeles, another city for the fashion trend setters.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keep your passion alive - part 2

Don't be shy to show your affection for each other in front of the children.- Do it in front of the kids. Rather than embarrassing them and yourselves, seeing their parents so in love with each other will give your children a sense of security, that their parents' relationship isn't about to crumble like the other couples they know or have read about.

Love yourself - Being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Men love confident women because confidence is sexy. honestly, how attractive can a hangup-ridden, clingy, angst-filled person (all characteristics of insecurity) be?

Get a life - Many a male friend has confided that they wished their girlfriends/spouses would not cling so much to them. many Asian women think they have to sacrifice their lives for their man, the ultimate sacrifice begin to give up their friends and dedicate their time to their man. Well, draw the line at having your own social circle and agenda. They're essential. Your friends will be your support group when things don't go right with lover boy and they also make life more interesting. Just imagine how boring it would be if all his friends were your friends and all his social outings were yours? With both of you experiencing exactly the same things, what's left to talk about?

Finding the truth about Penis Enlargement

It has always been an issue among men about their manhood. They feel insecure about their sizes of their manhood. Actually, there is no ideal size. It is a myth that the larger the size, the better the woman likes it. If you interview the women, they will tell you that it is not the size but what you can do with it is what counts. But then, still, penis enlargement is popular with men. They have been using penis extender to stretch the penis in the hope that it will grow longer as it stretches.
In the department of male enhancement, besides the gadgets of penis extender, there are penis enlargement pills. I am not too sure if these pills work but they certainly do increase the blood flow to the penis area and keep it rigid. I would recommend that any would be purchaser of male enhancement products should check out the penis enlargement reviews sites, articles and independent comments from users. This way, you will get a cross section of the reviews of the products before you part with your money

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Keep your passion alive - part 1

How do you keep the passion alive long after that first flush of love has died down? Here are some great pointers that might help keep your long term relationship alive and kicking.

Admit defeat graciouslyy - Even when you may not totally be in the wrong. Saying, "you're right darling and I am wrong" keeps your man's ego intact and helps diffuse a potentially ehat3ed situation. Of course, there are limitations to this technique. Don't use it so often that you end up begin mistaken for a doormat.

Never let the sun set on your anger - This piece of advice may sound archaic but it's an important one to keep in mind. From personal experience, sleeping on one's anger doesn't cool one's temper. In fact, it gives one more time to stew in one's anger, therefore increasing one's resentment.

Talk things out - Another clicked but true piece of advice that really does wonders for an ailing relationship. Think of you unresolved quarrel as a humongous boil that throbs and aches no matter what you do. The only cure? Purging out the impurities within and voila, instead healing. Now, imaging what hashing things out can do for your relationship.

Be touchy feely -Don't think of getting married or being in a comfortable relationship as a license to take your loved one for granted. Make it a point to continue doing the things that made your relationship work when you first met. Hold hands, make goo goo eyes at teach other, pinch each other's butts.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What men and women want from a relationship?

A woman wants a deep relationship with a man who understands and accepts her and her feelings. She wants more intimacy, affection, commitment, companionship and respect. She wants help in resolving relationship conflicts. She want him to express his feelings particularly about her more often. She wants her man to be romantic. And she want good, satisfying lovemaking. That means sex within a loving, committed and intimate relationship with a strong, yet sensitive man.

A man wants to love and to be love but in different ways form women. Men are most comfortable expressing love through sex, through shared activities, through being a provider and through just being together. They want women to accept these actions as love. A man feels frustrated when a woman doesn't perceive his version of love as 'real love' or 'good enough', when she puts romance ahead of sex.

Monday, March 10, 2008

How to vibrate her G spot to multiple climax orgasm.

It is always a man’s wish to bring her woman to multiple orgasm. If he can do it, it is his victory and trophy. A man can have prolong erection, long penis but if he cannot bring his partner to climax in an explosive orgasm, then he is considered a failure. If he is short in the length and size but can bring multiple explosive orgasm to his partner, he is considered the world’s greatest lover to her and mind you, words will get around and every beautiful female will want to try out with you.
Luckily, man has been creative and innovative with sex toys. One of this great sex toys is the cock ring but not just any cock ring. It is the vibrating cock ring that will perform the job. You can put one, two or three vibrating cock rings on your penis, depending on the length of your penis. The longer your penis, the more vibrating cock rings you can put on. And you can vary the positions of the cock ring vibrators so that when your penis (cock) enter into her vagina, three or four vibrator rings will be stimulating in various areas inside her vagina canal. Imagine the sensation she will be receiving. However, be ready to receive her crawling fingers on your backs and get ready to muffle her screams with your French kisses. You will have one hell of a lady, thanks to your vibrating cock ring.

Spice up!

If you think your man doesn't understand you, you're probably right. When it comes to relationships, men have vastly different needs from women, so different, they even speak in their own language. Relationship experts Dr Jonathan Kramer and Diane Dunaway, in their book "Why Men Can't Get Enough Sex" and "Why Women Can't Get Enough Love", reveal what women really want and what men really mean. And they set out their 10 point plan for couples keen to rekindle their love lie.

Men learn the secrets women want them to know like why helping with the house work can lead to more sex. And women learn how to decipher 'malespeak' and how to get your man to share his feelings. It's wonder many couples argue about sex. Men think about sex an average of six times an hour that's 750 times a week, not counting dreams. Yet the average married couples have sex just 1.5 times a week.

No less than 64% of women say they are dissatisfied with the amount of love they receive. And an astonishing 98% want to make basic changes. The problem is men want more sex, women want more love.

The first step to spicing up you love life is to look at what men and women want from a relationship, coming up in next post.

Size and Length Does Matters

The greatest ego of a man lies in his manhood. Size and length are two key issues that are of great concern to the man. There have been many theories and myths about lengths and sizes of the penis. Medically, they say that it cannot be lengthen or increased in size as this an inborn heredity factor. However, we knew from various cultures, people have been extending parts of the body such as ears, legs and so on. The use of physical mechanical objects such as metal rings, stretcher and weighs have achieved considerable results. It is from this theory and observation that penis enlargement is developed. There has been considerable penis enlargement information on the net lately. One such penis enlarger is called the Euro-Extender. It has been used to correct Peyronie’s disease, that is , the curvature of the penis when it is erect. The Euro Extender act as a brace and straighten the penis through a period of time. By the same system, the Euro Extender act as a tension extender and stretch the penis when worn. Depending on the number of hours worn, the results is quite significant. My opinion is that , this device works better with teenager in the growing up period as their cells are growing. For elderly, who are more in need of it to gain self confidence, the application of stem cells injection would perhaps give a faster and better result. Simply explained, the cells of the body will grow faster where the tension is applied in the parts of the body and where cells can divide and rejuvenate (for example stem cells being injected), the penis will lengthened over time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After-play is what turns a good sexual encounter into one neither for you will ever forget. So don't sell yourselves shot, guys. Don't roll over, fall asleep or race for a shower, a snack or a taxi. Don't cheat yourselves out of this gentle pleasure. Say something nice to her, listen to her say something nice to you. Stroke her, hold her, flatter her.

Why not? Even climaxing together isn't as personal and intimate and human as sharing each other's feeling after desire has been spent. Hardly any woman takes sex lightly. Even promiscuous girls, especially them are hoping with all their hearts for love. They are investing a wealth of dreams and fantasies in sex with you. Of course, not every encounter ca be the start of something big who knows that better than you, gentlemen?

No matter how brief, how unplanned, how ill-advised or even illicit, every time you make love you are involving another human being with a full set of emotions and insecurities, one who is worthy of respect. To lead her on with false promises is beneath contempt. If you consider yourself more than just another greedy slob and if you deserve the tile of lover, then do make that telephone call she is certainly waiting for tech next day, send her flowers or at the very least write her a toe to tell her she's terrific and you'll never forget her. Because when the love making is all over, it's up to you to make sure she can look back on your time together with pride and that you can too.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Plastic Surgery for everyone

Girls, ladies and women came in all sorts of sizes and shapes. But you can shape your body with the modern technology that we have today. There are some who are endowed with big boobs or breasts, some with potbelly, some with orange peel thighs and some just simply too fat in the wrong areas. That is common but you don’t have to let it happen to you. Why are girls or women quoted on their vital statistics, that is breast measurements, waistline and hips? That is the perfect hour glass shape formed by the opinion of men, I think. Well, whoever is the genius behind this statistic formula, has already started a trend for the modern women. Women have gone to great lengths to mould and shape their body figure to the hour glass. The technology involved today will probably sound like fiction to some but they are not. In China, girls went to great lengths to extend their height by lengthening their legs. They have operations done on their legs and adding in extension to give them the height. They would save every cent and spent it on these beauty operations, all for the sake of beauty. They said beauty would open doors for them.
In America, at Los Angeles, breasts are a big issues among the Hollywood actresses. If you do not have the perfect breasts that fits in to your body, there is very little chance for you to be selected in the highly competitive actresses selection. Even ‘A’ listed actresses are concerned about their breasts, tummy and face, making sure that they are in proportion as they get examined by critics and paparazzi from top to toe at every functions they attend. Breast reduction surgery is so popular at Los Angeles that it has been called the ‘los angeles breast reduction’ city, where ladies go for their breast reduction. Breast reduction is recommended if the oversized breast is causing the patient uncomfortable symptoms such neck pains and back pains. The overall goal for breast reduction is to improve the size, shape, and position of your breasts. The los angeles breast reduction is no ordinary breast surgery but a wholistic surgery that takes into consideration of your overall body shape as well as that of your breasts, so that the final result gives your figure a balanced and pleasing appearance to the patient.
Another problem area that is frequently faced by women are bulging tummies, which can be unsightly. This is not only a problem faced by women but by men as well, often called ‘belly pot’. The Chinese says it is good feng shui because a big belly pot signify good fortune, from the fact that the person has plenty to eat. But bulging tummies and fat belly are a sign of deeper problems that are to come. A good place that can help you with this problem is called the los angeles tummy tuck located in Rodeo Drive. They specialize in tummy tuck procedures -- including both standard abdominoplasty and mini tummy tuck.
The next most common surgery for facial is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery offers a quick change to your facial features. Some may really need it because of defects caused during birth, others by accidents and burns. Plastic surgery at Los Angeles is probably made famous by one clinic center called the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Their operations take plastic surgery to the next level. Their world class plastic surgeons utilizes cutting edge technology but they always put their customers’ needs and requirements first. Making an informed choice is their hallmark of delivering their services to their clients. This is a service that sets apart from the others and I consider it a good marketing strategy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Loving making for woman

Women adores the intimacy the delight of being touched, the loving word, the glow of passion and the security being held. She thrills in the pleasure you take in her, too and in being joined with you physically as he feels herself to be spiritually.

Ont the other hand, if or when she gets fed up, sad or resentful about inability to reach orgasm, you will only know about ti if she trusts you enough to tell. If that occurs, she is paying you the great compliment of her confidence. Return that compliment and do not think in terms of failure, hers or yours. See her orgasm as a bonus to work toward together with loving patient.

Lovemaking for a woman involves heart, mind and body. During her climax she does not ejaculate the way man do. Instead, it's as though the elements of excitement remain glowing within other and she comes down slowly.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Making money on the stocks trading

If you are first timer on the online stock trading, it can be rather confusing for you. There are so many strange or alien terms being used on the financial market. The stories of players who makes lots of money using stock trading programs are many but still, the risks are there. The real stories, which you often don’t get to hear are the many who went bust on the trading floor. People brat about how much they make but they keep very quiet on how much they lost. That is reality. For the novice or first timer who is drawn to the online stock trading, they had better engaged a seasoned online stock market trading broker. One such expert would be the The One Financial team, whose head office is in London. They have a good team of highly experienced staff who are well versed with CFD and Forex markets. The One Financial gives you 24 hours, 5 days support, whenever the markets are open. Their service include client service desk and they can help you through opening account to developing partnership programme.
The One Financial conduct extensive research on Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Forex online trading market place. This is to enable them to offer what clients want, not what they have only. Their trading software is easy to navigate and client support service is second to none. One Financial’s Executive team are widely acknowledged to have been responsible for the introduction of Oil (CL) and Gas (NG) CFD’s to the Middle East market, a product which has genuinely revolutionised the global CFD – a first in an innovative approach to Middle East Market. As you know, oil and gas are good futures to trade and what used to be exclusive trading blocks for the institutions, now you can also participate in these futures through The One Financial.

One Financial offers all the core trading tools and analytics to help the clients to make good judgment and decisions in their trading. Like most financial traders, The One Financial offers both Technical analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

For Technical Analysis, The One Financial platform comes complete with access to a comprehensive suite of charting analytics such as:
Moving average
Exponential Moving Average
Bollinger Bands
Wilder’s Parabolic Stop and Reverse
Williams %R
Chalkin Volatility
Price Oscillator
Accumulation Distribution
Chaikin Money Flow
Money Flow Index
Volume Rate of Change
Volume Oscillator
Standard deviation
Full technical analysis training is available from our team of market experts through downloadable self-study papers, workshops and seminars. They even offer one-to-one tuition for qualifying clients

On the fundamental analysis, the One Financial brings the market’s leading independent commentators and analysts direct to your desk with comprehensive coverage and analysis of all the key market moving data. The One Financial cover all major research with regular briefing notes and in depth features on key commodity markets and giving you the chance to drill down into past and upcoming market moves before you make your final decision.

For the latest news, The One Financial keep itself ahead of the competition in provision of its breaking news and news analysis features, with feeds coming live from Reuters, the globally acknowledged market leader in financial news coverage.

Woman and orgasm

The trick to understanding our partner when it comes to orgasms, as in all matters pertaining to sex, is never to forget that she is like all other women only insofar as you are like other men. In important ways, therefore she is unique.

The mind is the primary sex organ, so when making love, try to penetrate hers. You may discover she is one of the many women who do not find orgasms essential to her satisfaction. If so, she has a sensation time with you whether she come or not.